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Mold, Water & Disaster Restoration Company | SafeGuard

SafeGuard Restoration Group
SafeGuard Restoration Group offers 24/7 Emergency Services
Commitment towards customer satisfaction

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SafeGuarding You: Professional, Compassionate, Helpful


As a professional Cleanup, Restoration and Biohazard Remediation company, we handle situations that no one should be forced to endure. Families, friends, and co-workers are many times stunned by the loss, and are unsure of what to do. It is our job to clean, disinfect, and remove odors. It is our passion to remove any physical evidence that has been left behind after a trauma.

We are far more than just a cleaning company. We are an organization with a culture of service. The people we help deserve to be treated with the highest level of respect, from our personal interactions, to the manner in which we conduct ourselves during the cleanup process. We respect the privacy of everyone involved in  a cleanup maintaining an inconspicuous presence while working on a trauma scene. We document the work we perform in detailed reports provided to the insurance company. (Read More)