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Biohazard Remediation


A true biohazard remediation process should be used to ensure proper disinfection and to release you or someone else from the liability of cleaning up blood or a bodily fluid spill. SafeGuard not only cleans up and disinfects after a blood spill but we can also clean and disinfect other biohazard situations.

Some of these include:

-Industrial accidents
-Food service and food production
-Hoarding cases
-Accidental death

Our cleaning and disinfecting methods are so stringent that they will meet the regulations of the EPA,  FDA, and the American Bio Recovery Association. Our consistent training received from the National Institute of Decontamination Specialists marks us as one of the highest quality bio remediation companies in the country.

SafeGuard Biohazard Removal Services

ATP Testing

After we clean and remove  the visible contaminants on  a surface, we use ATP testing to ensure we have removed all potential hazards. ATP testing involves swabbing a surface after  cleaning, testing with a luminometer and adjusting the disinfection process accordingly. Then, after the decontamination process is complete, we do a second test to ensure that the ATP levels are zero, in order to ensure  we have left an area completely biohazard free.

Technical expertise is extremely important when providing a 100% hazard-free guarantee. However, it is not the only important part of what we do. In addition to technical excellence and state of the art technology, our employees are the kind of people you want to have taking care of your bio remediation. From the training that we provide and their sense of dedication to the work, they are the best in the industry.

We also offer biohazard removal services, including medical waste transportation and disposal of any hazardous materials we collect during a clean up.