Meth Lab Cleanup Services

Meth Lab Cleanup Service

The elevated use of methamphetamines that is sweeping the nation has the power to destroy families, relationships, and lives. Along with the increased use comes a higher demand. Meth labs can be anywhere—a home, an apartment, a business, a hotel—anywhere that is enclosed and hidden. When your home is destroyed from a neighbor’s meth lab […]

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Blood Cleanup

SafeGuard Restoration Group| Blood Cleanup

One of the most frequently asked questions we receive is, “when should I call SafeGuard for blood cleanup?”  Well, the rule of thumb that we offer to our clients is that; if the blood spill is smaller than the size of a plate, you can perform the cleanup yourself. It is, however, important to note […]

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Mold Remediation

Mold Remediation Services

“Mold” can describe any of thousands of species of fungi that form colonies when exposed to moisture, warmth and food and propagate via airborne spores. The most important thing to keep in mind is that a home, office or other structure always contains some level of mold spores from open or hidden indoor colonies and outdoors ones. With outdoor colonies, spores usually […]

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Vehicle Blood Cleanup

Vehicle Blood Cleanup Remediation

Vehicle Blood Cleanup Services With all restoration projects, blood cleanup services can vary widely. I know from experience that taking on these projects are time consuming and challenging without the right tools and equipment.  It can be a simple blood stain on your visor or a complex spill from a traumatic event. If an auto detail company cleans your car, […]

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Biohazard Removal

All About Our Biohazard Removal Services

A biohazard is a substance or an organism that has the potential to threaten health or life. The term biohazard is broadly used to stand for a broad range of incidents. At SafeGuard Restoration Group, we have the necessary equipment and personnel that can work in almost any kind of contaminated environment. What are some of the […]

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