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Cleanup Services

SafeGuard Cleanup Services

When death happens it typically leaves loved ones lost and not sure where to turn. The death of a loved one can leave families with many unanswered questions, including how to properly clean the house and dispose of hazardous materials. The services provided by SafeGuard Restoration Group are tailored to specific individual needs.


Things provided with our decomposition and odor removal services are tailored to each individual situation. Whether decomposition happened due to an unattended death, suicide, homicide or natural causes, the clean up process needs to happen as quickly as possible. Thorough cleaning and proper disposal of all soiled materials is essential to remove odors and to properly clean and disinfect the area.

We understand the circumstances surrounding unexpected death and decomposition. The decomposition process usually begins around four minutes after death has occurred. Outside elements such as temperature will play a factor in the amount of decomposition over a certain period of time. The clean up services SafeGuard offers handles all amounts of decomposition no matter the severity.

Failure to properly remove and dispose of all contaminants that remain after decomposition can lead to serious health issues. These can affect homeowners and property occupants. Proper clean up involves health risks which most people are not aware of. Our trained professionals are aware of the health risks associated with this and other clean up services and are properly trained to perform the job thoroughly and safely.



When a person passes on a piece of furniture this can not be disposed of as a whole. The contaminated piece of furniture must first be cut out. It is then safely and properly packaged to be disposed of at a biohazard facility. Then the rest of the furniture is properly disposed of.

Decomposition involves bodily fluids and odors. While the fluids and everything they contaminate can be removed, this may not take care of the odor. Our professionals will thoroughly clean and disinfect areas to remove any odors left behind. The end result will be a residence which smells as clean as before the tragic incident ever happened.

Handling decomposition clean up services involves an extremely detailed procedure. All bodily fluids and waste must be detected so that they can be disinfected to properly remove all traces of it. While the naked eye can spot most of this, there are other places where only qualified technicians can detect it. The professionals at SafeGuard Restoration Group are specially trained to restore your home to its proper condition.

Dealing with the death of a loved one is a traumatizing and emotional event. Serious risks to your health are involved in the clean up after decomposition, therefore it is not a job for you to tackle alone. Speak with the professionals at SafeGuard about our clean up services,  and how we can help with decomposition clean up. Let our professionals help you restore your home back to its original condition and get you back on track to restoring your life. You have enough to deal with after a traumatic event, let us handle the cleanup process.