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Here at SafeGuard Restoration Group, we’re here to help you get your life and property back to how it used to be.

Like something from a nightmare, you look around and see chaos. A bloody crime scene. A loved one who dies in your home. Maybe it’s a biohazard spill, the discovery of a meth lab, a tough mold that is out of control, or an unbeatable odor. Whatever it looks like, if a tragedy happens at your home or business, professional clean up is an unavoidable need. When you don’t know where to turn, let SafeGuard Restoration Group help. For us, it’s about more than the cleanup process–it’s about providing service to our clients with respect and professionalism. That’s our guarantee.

Do you want to make sure we have all of the credentials for the job? Check out Our Guarantees to understand the types of certifications and licenses required from any company in our industry.



Contact SafeGuard.  Please fill out an online request.  We will review your situation in a prompt and professional manner, and will get back to you immediately.


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