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Crime Scene Cleanup

Crime Scene Cleanup

SafeGuard What Matters

What matters? Family members, friends, and anyone else that has been affected by a tragedy are SafeGuard’s number one concern.

A suicide or violent crime can leave behind blood and other potentially infectious materials that require remediation. Family members are often responsible for the cleanup of the after effects of a tragedy. The task of removing biohazards, known as biohazard remediation, from a trauma scene is tedious and often dangerous. In addition to these hazardous materials, there are often chemicals and substances that are left behind from the investigation process, including identification chemicals, fingerprint powder, and even tear gas.

We are here to help. We specialize in the removal and disinfection of areas where blood and other potentially infectious material have affected a property. SafeGuard offers a 100% guarantees a biohazard free environment once we have completed our remediation.Crime-Scene-Clean-Up-Services

Efficient. Precise. Methodical.

SafeGuards attention to detail is second to none and our equipment is state of the art. When SafeGuard is on the scene you can have peace of mind in knowing the suicide or violent crime cleanup will be done with the future safety of others in mind.

Professionalism and legal liability is also important to us. When we perform a suicide or homicide cleanup for a business or industry, we assume the legal liability for all biohazard remediation.

SafeGuard 24/7

By nature of our chosen profession, we understand we do not work on a schedule. A homicide or suicide does not always happen during business hours. Tragedy does not have a schedule and it can strike at any time. This is why SafeGuard provides service to those in need 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We make ourselves so available because we understand that the quicker we can respond to a tragedy, the better it is for those affected by it.

The standards of operation and the methodical processes that SafeGuard utilizes when we restore a property is what sets us apart from any other cleaning company. We meet and exceed the requirements set by federal, state and local government agencies. We also hold more than the industry standards regarding Licensing, Bonding and Insurance. All of our technicians are trained thoroughly on a weekly basis with major refresher courses quarterly and yearly. All of our field employees work under a supervisor who has obtained an OSHA and ABRA certification, if they have not obtained the certifications themselves. Please see our Safety and Certifications page for more details regarding our credentials.

Quietly SafeGuarding Families

SafeGuard understands the importance of being discrete and professional. With a smart name and simple design we bring no additional or undesired attention to the crime scene at a residence or business.

Biohazard suits, respirators and other safety gear are items that happen to be a necessity to perform our work safely and efficiently. This can often be unnerving for family members/friends so we make sure to put all protective equipment in a designated area of the property, so to be away from the view of the family members and/or the public.

Certified. Compassionate. Caring.

Our team will treat you with compassion.