Different Steps of Mold Remediation with SafeGuard Restoration Group

A little mold inside your home can grow into a big concern. Exposure to mold puts you and your family at risk for allergic reactions, skin irritations, and breathing problems. You’ll want the mold removed as quickly as possible, and you’ll want to know your house is safe again. SafeGuard Restoration provides mold remediation, regardless of the mold’s extent, and works to prevent the mold from coming back. Every job comes with years of experience and a set process.

Identifying the Source

First, it’s necessary to identify the source of the mold. It’s ineffective to remove the mold if it’s just going to grow back. If your home went through flooding, the problem is rather easy to identify. However, if mold develops within the interior, this can raise other issues. Perhaps your home has leaky plumbing somewhere. Moisture may be coming in from the outside walls, or the ground may be causing mold in the basement. Once the cause is identified, it’s possible to continue.

Repair the Water Problem

It’s important to correct the water problem to prevent new mold growth, not simply patch it up. Otherwise, new mold spores may still develop after the old spores have been removed.

Isolate the Area

During mold remediation, any elements with mold spores are fully isolated from the rest of your home and then removed. This means windows and doors need to be properly blocked off. You don’t want the spores to spread to another area of your house during removal. The professionals at SafeGuard Restoration provide this service and will block off any possible access point where the spores can travel.

Mold Remediation

Now that the problem area is repaired and the mold is isolated, the actual mold remediation process begins. All removal and bagging take place in the same location to reduce the chance of spores migrating to another area of the house. The extent of the removal may vary based on the severity of the mold. It’s possible carpeting, drywall and other areas of a room will need to be removed and replaced. It’s necessary to extract every single spore from the area to prevent the development of new spores.


After the mold spores have been removed, some additional mold testing may occur. This is to verify all mold has been eliminated. Ideally, mold remediation is SafeGuard Restoration provides concern. When it’s complete, it will feel like you never had mold in your home.

Whether your home’s damaged by flooding or your walls warped from moisture, the professionals at SafeGuard Restoration have the right experience and equipment for the job. Our mold remediation identifies and resolves the problem at its source, making your home safe again.

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