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Proper Pipe Repair
The best way to go about flood and water damage restoration is to avoid it altogether. One of the most common forms of flooding and water damage in the house is from a frozen pipe that ends up bursting. Should a pipe burst when you are nearby, you need to know what to do. Your actions immediately following the bursting of a pipe can greatly affect the amount of damage your home sustains. Following are several steps that you need to follow should frozen pipes bursts in your house. Listed in order of importance, those steps are:

  • Shut off water and (if possible) electricity
  • Contact a plumber
  • Remove water
  • Provide flood and water restoration

Shut of Water and (Possibly) Electricity
Shut off the water immediately. This is your first and most immediate course of action. By limiting the amount of water entering your home, you’ll reduce potential damage. You always need to know where the water shut off is in your house, so even if you have yet to go through any water damage or flooding, identify where this is located. This will likely save you a considerable amount of money.

Additionally, consider shutting off the power. If the water level is rising to a point where it may come in contact with exposed electrical elements like the circuit breaker, shutting down electricity is advisable (make sure you are completely dry when doing so). Should the water contact your electrical source, it not only will cause further damage, but it can start an electrical fire as well.

Contact a Plumber
If you have two people on the scene, have one person call a plumber and have the other shut off the water. If you’re on your own, contact a plumber once the water is off. Professional plumbers can come and repair the plumbing, or at the very least stop leaking water if it’s still seeping in.

Removing The Water
You will not be able to remove all the water on your own. However, the more water you remove immediately, the less extensive damage you’ll experience. The level of flood and water damage restoration you need can be impacted by the water you remove right away. So while you wait for a plumber and the eventual restoration crew, remove what water can be removed. Even if it’s just a bucket at a time, every little bit helps. A wet/dry shop-vac can be a lifesaver here.

Flood and Water Restoration
You can contact us at Safeguard Restoration early. In fact, you can contact us immediately after the plumber. While the plumber does his or her work, we can begin removing water. Speed is essential, as the longer water is in contact with the wall and other areas of your home, the greater the chances of mold development. Avoiding this is necessary in order to reduce the cost of restoration. There’s no need to wait, as our team is available 24 hours a day.

Whether a frozen pipe has burst, or your home has flooded from natural causes, our team at Safeguard Restoration is here to help. Safeguard Restoration specializes in all flood and water damage restoration needs. We will remove the water and any other signs of water damage from your home in order to restore it back to pre-flooding conditions. This way, everyone in your home can remain safe from mold while your house increases in property value. Whether you have questions about water damage or you need immediate services give our team a call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We are here to help.

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