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Vehicle Blood Cleanup

Vehicle Blood Cleanup

At SafeGuard Restoration Group, we understand that vehicle clean-up is probably the last thing on your mind after a traumatic incident like an accident, emergency transportation or violent crime. Often, the need for specialized clean-up services may be overlooked in the aftermath of trauma, leaving blood-borne pathogens behind and resulting in dangerous exposure to airborne pathogens, as well as unpleasant odors. Even when the vehicle is cleaned at a car wash and the interior and carpets steam-cleaned, it’s not enough to take care of biological agents. Proper vehicle blood clean-up is essential for the safety of the vehicle and its passengers. Our technicians are trained specifically to deal with the unique challenges involved in vehicle blood clean-up and restoration.


Experienced, Knowledgeable Specialists

We have taken extraordinary care in training our vehicle blood clean-up specialists. Because vehicle clean-up can be very tedious, our experienced, qualified staff undergoes regular training to improve their skills and knowledge. Vehicle interiors are often small, cramped spaces, filled with small moving parts, knobs and hundreds of tiny spots that can harbor biological fluids or tissues. Our specialists are aware of these hazards and go over every surface, both inside and outside the vehicle, to ensure your vehicle is properly decontaminated and safe.

Mitigation of Health Risks

Vehicle interiors do not lend themselves to easy cleaning under the best of circumstances. When a trauma has occurred, there can be even greater problems in reaching all the places where blood and other biological substances may hide. Even in the plainest vehicle, from the door assembly to the dashboard to beneath the seats, the places where hazardous substances can end up are virtually endless. We recommend that you do not try to clean your vehicle on your own, as blood and other fluids can carry dangerous pathogens that live long after they’ve been exposed to the air. Proper cleaning tools and protective clothing must be employed in order to mitigate these health risks. Exposure to many blood-borne pathogens can have enormous consequences, from severe, debilitating illness to death. Professional vehicle blood clean-up allows you to avoid these risks.

Vehicles often become scenes of trauma due to self-inflicted wounds, shootings and stabbings. As a result, a large amount of blood or other fluids may be released. Decomposition of these fluids may be accelerated due to environmental factors, making it essential to have the vehicle cleaned and sanitized quickly in order to restore it as fully as possible.

We Want to Help

We understand that trauma and emergency situations can result in more problems than just a vehicle needing to be cleaned. We know you have a lot to worry about now, and it’s our goal to make your vehicle blood clean-up as easy and stress-free as possible. We strive to offer services that are worry-free from a staff that is extensively trained, drug-free and vetted with a background check prior to hire.