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Meth Lab Cleanup

Meth Lab Cleanup

SafeGuard Your Property

Methamphetamine addiction is an epidemic sweeping the nation.  Not only does this dangerous drug have the power to destroy lives and rip families apart, the chemical waste generated through its production can also devastate property.  Given the highly toxic properties involved, meth lab clean-up is one of the most unique and challenging services SafeGuard provides.

Since the demand for meth is so high, and the manufacture of the drug can be easily managed with over-the-counter products and household equipment, clandestine laboratories have been found all over the country.  From houses and apartments, to hotel rooms and storage buildings, no property is free from risk.

SafeGuard from Harm

Evening news reports are full of instances of these meth labs suddenly exploding, causing damage and bodily injury.  This is possible because of the highly volatile nature of the chemicals involved in the “cooking” process required to produce the drug.  As a general rule of thumb, for every pound of meth generated, at least five pounds of toxic waste are created.

Removing the glassware and lab equipment from the property is not enough to render it safe for use.  Even after all obvious contaminated items have been removed, noxious chemical residue can still be found on counter tops and curtains, in sinks, air-return vents, carpets, curtains, septic tanks, and soil.  Exposure to these toxins have been known to cause difficulty breathing, skin and eye irritation, vomiting, headache, dizziness, severe lung damage, throat and skin burns, and even death.  With such an elevated potential for danger, meth lab clean-up should not be carried out by untrained property owners.  Luckily, SafeGuard employs certified, properly equipped response units who minimize the potential for personal injury during meth lab clean-up.

SafeGuard Liability

Whenever undertaking a bio-hazard remediation, SafeGuard assumes full legal liability.  We are also bonded, licensed, and insured.

The environments in which we work are often hazardous; we understand this better than anyone.  Therefore SafeGuard has made safety is a top priority, and consistently sets the industry standard.  Each technician on our team has undergone a rigorous safety training program, and every field response unit is led by an OSHA and ABRA certified supervisor.

SafeGuard Discretion

At SafeGuard, we are sensitive to the potential embarrassment and emotional strain meth lab clean-up can involve.  As such, our remediation teams are as trained in discretion as they are in the removal of hazardous chemicals.  All of our vehicles are discreetly marked, and our technicians only change into their containment gear once out of plain view.

Our mission is to SafeGuard neighborhoods, families, lives, and reputations.