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Mold Remediation

Mold Remediation

Mold remediation is a service that has proven to be extremely valuable to our clients.  Mold is something that can begin to grow and spread at a very fast rate.  Say you have a water damage incident in your home…the home begins to take on water and thus moisture builds up in the walls, on the floor, the ceilings, and so on.  In as little as 48-hours after the moisture has made its way into your home, mold can begin to grow.  Once mold takes hold of your home it can then spread wherever it pleases.

There are a great deal of risks associated with mold growth in the home.  When you end up with mold it the home, you are increasing the risk of you and/or your family coming in contact with the toxic bacteria.  It can harm the air quality of your home in a big way, making your home far from the safe and secure location that it is supposed to be.  Allergies, inflammation, infection, respiratory issues, and more can all be caused by mold.  Mold remediation focuses on dealing with mold in the home and working to effectively get rid of it, preventing it from growing in the future as much as possible.

Experience in Mold Remediation

We bring a lot of experience in our mold remediation service that we provide.  We have a team of certified technicians that are ready to respond to your needs with a great deal of availability.  The experience that we bring to the table is what gives us such confidence in what we do.  It is not too often that we come across a situation involving mold that we have not seen before.  Thanks to this experience we are able to know what we have seen to adapt practices to help get rid of the mold you have once and for all.

Following a Set Process

shutterstock_143748199We have a set process that we follow with any mold remediation job.  This starts with a full assessment of your home or your business.  When we do this, we are looking to identify all of the areas of your home that have mold already.  We also may be looking for initial signs of mold growth in other areas where moisture may be present.  The whole idea of the assessment is so that we can get a full picture of what we are dealing with to map out a plan of attack to get rid of the mold permanently.

Once we have identified where all of the mold is and we know what we need to do in order to get rid of it, that is exactly what we set out to do.  Mold remediation is made easy thanks to the experience that we have and the technology and equipment that we have at our disposal.  If you are in a home or business that is facing an issue with mold. we can be there to help you deal with the problem and get rid of the home, making your home safe again for you and your family.