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Mold Testing


Mold Testing

Nothing strikes as much fear as the thought of having mold in one’s property can cause. Nonetheless, without mold testing or inspection, you won’t know whether you have any serious types of mold. If you don’t take care of mold early, it may cause adverse health effects as well as serious damage to your property. This is why you need services of a certified mold inspector like SafeGuard Restoration Group.

Why Us?

We at SafeGuard understand that mold is the leading cause of indoor air quality complaints.  We have worked on various buildings including, homes, apartments, offices, schools, and medical facilities, where there was no discernible mold yet very high levels were present.

We provide both field evaluations and laboratory analysis. We also know that mold needs moisture to grow and hence check for moisture damage through the use of an infrared camera and a variety of field meters. This includes ice dams, roof leaks, wet basements, etc. Often times we can do moisture assessment with a minimum of damage.

At SafeGuard, we are committed to ensuring your property is free from mold and with no moisture problems that could cause mold damage. Whenever you need to check for mold in your property, you can simply call us to discuss our expert mold testing and inspection services.


Where Do Our Services Apply?

You can contact us for mold inspection and testing in the following situations:

  • When Buying a New Home

This is particularly significant if the house you are buying has been vacant for a long period of time or is listed “as-is.”

  • After some kind of flooding or water event has taken place in your home.
  • When a roof leak or pipe leak has brought water into your home’s walls.
  • When you smell mildew or mold , even if it isn’t visually discernible.
  • If you notice dark stains on furniture, fabrics, carpeting, or walls, and there’s no other cause.
  • If anyone in your house is experiencing respiratory complications, frequent asthma attacks, or other illnesses that can’t be associated to any other cause.
  • If your home is situated in the proximity of a water body or within a wooden area, you should consider a regular mold inspection since these environments are perfect for mold growth.

Final Thoughts

Mold problems often go unnoticed until after the damage has occurred, and that’s why comprehensive inspection is necessary to get it resolved. You should also realize that experience is essential when it comes to things that are most important to you.

If you need the services of a certified and experienced mold inspector, don’t hesitate to call SafeGuard. We offer inspection services related to a vast range of mold and its related problems. Don’t allow yourself to be someone’s guinea pig. When it concerns your family’s or employees’ health, the mold inspector’s many years of experience are integral.