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Over five million people in the US are afflicted with a hoarding disorder, according to Scientific American, and they say that is an underestimate. But you don’t have to live in clutter. Clearing your home is good for your mental and physical health. And you don’t even have to wait for spring to begin your cleaning!

It Just Piles Up Naturally

You might see something that you like and bring it home with you. Or perhaps you went to various thrift shops in search of treasures. Regardless of how it happens, hoarding can become a serious health problem quickly.

When left alone, large stacks of books, clothes, and other items may become unsafe. Mold and mildew are but two types of growth that cause health issues inside homes. The air quality may be compromised and cause respiratory issues. Beginning a hoarding cleanup at any time of year is a positive step towards good hygiene and greater health.

It Begins In Early Childhood Innocently

When you first go out and explore the world, you often wish to bring a piece of it back to examine or to remember. That is not uncommon. But if you don’t outgrow that desire, it may backlash and become overwhelming. Soon, an apartment or house becomes so cluttered, it is nearly impossible to walk through it. That may lead to unsafe conditions. If a fire should break out, you could easily find yourself trapped in an inferno.

And Continues In Adulthood Ruthlessly

Often, folks are unable to give up their treasures easily. However, there is support for you. Talking to your doctor or other healthcare workers can help ease your compulsion to accumulate an enormous amount of belongings. Where once doctors thought it a form of OCD, hoarding is now understood to be a whole different issue. Whether it is debilitating to the point of shutting out friends and family or has simply become a way of life once you cross your threshold, hoarding can easily become unhealthy for both mind and body.

Don’t Go It Alone

When you decide it is time to just clear it all out, you can call on us. SafeGuard Restoration has the training it takes to remove mountains of material during a hoarding cleanup. We handle the objects with care and reduce the chance of infection to our staff by the use of protective gear.

We don’t judge you. So please don’t feel as though you would be shunned, or be the object of ridicule. You will only encounter the highest degree of professionalism and respect during the project.

When finished, we offer you a healthy space. We clean your apartment or house in the affected areas and leave only a clean, fresh space for you. Allow us to relieve you of the stress of having to discard years of accumulation. Give us a call today, so we may help you with your cleanup.

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