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Storm and Water Damage Restoration

Storm and Water Damage Cleanup and Restoration

flooding rain

Within minutes, a simple water leak can turn into extensive damage to your furniture, home, and irreplaceable family photos and inherited pieces. Leaks and flooding can result from a multitude of sources, including tornadoes, frozen pipes, and sewer backups. In these cases, it is paramount that the problem be fixed and the damage treated as soon as possible. With quick action, your home can be protected from extensive damage in the event of a flood or pipe malfunction. Flood and water damage restoration must be initiated quickly to protect your home and your possessions, as well as to get you and your family back into your home.

Immediate Action

When your home becomes flooded due to either natural disaster or pipe leakage, it is important to take several steps to diminish the extent of the damage, even before SafeGuard arrives at your home:

  • Call SafeGuard immediately
  • Turn off the water main and any water source to stop pipe flooding
  • Turn on faucets to drain water pipes and prevent overflow
  • Unplug all electrical devices to prevent electric shock, or even turn off your electricity
  • Pick up any fabric, including bed skirts, rugs, curtains, and clothes so they can dry
  • If the water flow has stopped, mop up as much as possible from carpets, wood floors, and wood tabletops to prevent water from seeping into surfaces and to prevent mold and mildew growth
  • Move your possessions and furniture to an unaffected area or, if there is none, place something watertight underneath the feet of furniture such as a wood block or aluminum foil to prevent staining of your furniture and your floor
  • Remove any paper materials like books, newspapers, and magazines so that they will not glue to the floor and stain wood when they dry
  • Try to avoid reentering the affected area so as not to track water into more areas of your home

When SafeGuard arrives at your home, we will ensure that your home is taken care of quickly. We understand that quick action is of utmost importance when your home is affected by flooding.

SafeGuard’s Guarantee

SafeGuard ensures that you and your family will be provided with quick quality service. We boast several important features in our service:

  • SafeGuard-trained flood and water damage restoration professionals
  • Fast response time
  • Dehumidification and drying techniques

When a flood, storm, sewer blockage, or pipe break affects you, call SafeGuard and feel assured that your home and possessions will be taken care of. With our services like carpet cleaning, flood and water damage restoration, and floor drying, your home will be dry and restored in no time.