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Unattended Death

Unattended Death


One of the most unique challenges we face as death cleanup specialists is an undiscovered death. When a person dies and is not found for a period of time longer than a day, the situation can be very difficult to deal with. Cleaning up after an unattended death can be a horrific experience for a family member or property owner. The very disturbing nature of decomposition and the extreme hazards associated with a decomposing body make this a situation to be handled only by qualified professional trauma and bio recovery technicians.

If not remediated, the smallest amount of biological material can cause expansive physical damage to a home or structure. Bacteria and other potentially infectious materials can cause odors that are extremely difficult to remove. Without our professional training and experience, the property can be left in an unsafe condition. The safety of future and current inhabitants of the property is in question and the quality of life can be impacted by the remaining and recurring odors from the unattended death.

In as little as a few hours, under the right conditions, a body that has not been discovered can begin to produce an odor that is nearly impossible to get rid of without the correct training and equipment. In as little as 2 days most fabric items and carpet in the home can be damaged and ruined.

Disinfecting a Decomposition & Restoring a Property


SafeGuard is fully insured, experienced and licensed to handle the remediation and recovery of a home or property where an unattended death has happened. Our death cleaning specialists will restore the property to pre-hazardous conditions. Using personal protective equipment and following strict guidelines we will return the scene to a clean and disinfected state. We will remove all property, such as flooring, furniture, clothing items etc., that have been permanently damaged according to regulations and will restore anything that regulations will allow us to restore.

Our cleaning process, along with the professional disinfection of the property will guarantee there will not be anything remaining that is hazardous. We will also provide, along with the sale of a property, a guarantee or title company for the new owner stating that if ever any recurrence of the odor, we will react swiftly.

As with industrial accidents, suicides, and crime scenes, we will use ATP testing to show a home or property owner that the death cleanup scene has been restored to a hospital grade level of disinfection.

Unattended death cleanup services are available to property owners and managers, families, and commercial clients. We also work with title companies, banks, and realtors that are in need of death cleanup services.